Case Study: Lebanon Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (September 2021)

Concierge Director: Shannon Oakley
Patient Age: 93 years old
Admission Date: 08/20/2021
Discharge Date: 09/11/2021
Discharged To: Home with Family
Length of Stay: 22 days
Reason for Stay: History of falls
How did this patient hear about the community? TriStar Summit Medical Center referred her to us.

Details of Experience:
Ms. Tickle came to our community on August 20th after a brief hospital stay following a fall. When entering Lebanon Center, she seemed discouraged and homesick. She was very sweet and understood the importance of improving her ability to perform daily functions to return home with her family. Our physical and occupational therapy teams went to work to create a plan to return Ms. Tickle to her max potential, so she could safely transition home. She stated,” I just want to be able to sit on my porch in the morning.”

When coming into our community, Ms. Tickle was a moderate to maximum assist to perform almost all her activities of daily living (ADL) tasks including, but not limited to, toileting, bathing, dressing. She was also only ambulating five feet upon arrival with a rolling walker (RW). Our goal was to have the patient be able to complete all ADL’s successfully and ambulate a longer distance, overall, to get her home safely… living her life with as little limitations as possible.

When she left our facility, she was able to perform ADLs with minimal assistance. She was also discharged ambulating 150 feet. Ms. Tickle also demonstrated increased activity tolerance for overall tasks while in Lebanon Center. From the moment she arrived, she worked hard to reach her goals. She was discharged after twenty-two days because insurance felt she had met her max potential and no longer required our assistance.

This is great news, as she worked very hard while she was here to be able to go home with her beloved family.

We at Lebanon Center would like to wish Ms. Tickle the very best on the rest of her recovery from home. It was a pleasure getting to know someone so driven to succeed.