Case Study: Lebanon Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q3 2022)

Concierge Director: Tiffany Taylor
Patient Age: 55
Admission Date: 8/23/2022
Discharge Date: 9/20/2022
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 28 days
Reason for Stay: Cerebral Infarction affecting the non-dominant side.
How did this patient hear about the community? Inpatient PT referred the resident to our community.

Details of Experience:

Mr. Yarbrough came to us in August after his hospitalization, where a CT revealed a right basal ganglia stroke with left hemiparesis. He was agreeable to therapy and had a very positive attitude. He was ready to work towards his therapy goals and discharge back home to his partner.

Before admission, Mr. Yarbrough exhibited a decrease in strength, functional mobility, range of motion, and functional activity tolerance. He had a stay at another inpatient rehabilitation facility and then decided to move to Lebanon to continue meeting goals and regaining independence. His partner works from home, so he can assist with ADLs and 24-hour care. Mr. Yarbrough’s partner is very supportive of any of his needs and was responsive to all caregiver education provided by our team of therapists.

Upon admission, Mr. Yarbrough required moderate to max assistance with daily care, such as bathing, toileting, dressing himself, and putting on shoes. At the end of his stay, he could perform most of his daily tasks with minimal assistance. While he remained impulsive at times, he was able to recall compensatory strategies and techniques and utilize them during his daily routine. This made him safer with simple tasks, which decreased his caregiver’s burden and allowed the resident to be empowered with his regained independence.

During his stay, Russell (as he preferred to be called) became very active and involved with other residents and staff members and was eager to participate in multiple activities throughout the community and eat lunch out of his room.

We wish Mr. Russell all the best in his continued rehabilitation.