Case Study: Lebanon Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q2 2022)

Concierge Director: Tiffany Taylor
Patient Age: 74
Admission Date: 5/25/2022
Discharge Date: 6/7/2022
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 14 days
Reason for Stay: COPD Exacerbation
How did this patient hear about the community? She was a former short-term rehabilitation patient a year prior.

Details of Experience:

Ms. Hammer came to us in May 2022 after multiple falls and frequent respiratory issues. When arriving at Lebanon Center, it was apparent that although Ms. Hamer had some setbacks due to health complications, she had a positive attitude and was ready to work with our therapy team to reach her maximum potential.

Before admission, Ms. Hamer could get around in a wheelchair independently. She was able to complete all daily tasks with no assistance. The family assisted the patient with specific home needs that she could not do herself, such as groceries and medications. The patient has a very supportive family base regarding her needing any extra support.

Upon admission, the patient required assistance with daily care such as bathing, toileting, dressing, and medication administration. Ms. Hamer was very eager to get back to her independent status. She never hesitated to participate in therapy, she was very outgoing when it came to activities. She encouraged other residents in the facility to do all they could to get themselves back to health. Ms. Hammer was so pleased being in our community that she even wanted to remain when she was well enough to go home. At the end of her stay, she could perform all her daily tasks with a stand-by assist.

Ms. Hamer was here at our facility for a total of 14 days. She was able to return home with home health, therapy, and nursing to assist her in continuing her journey to independent living. She made significant improvement over her two-week stay. When she was discharged, she could utilize adaptive equipment to help her with her daily activities.

She was truly a joy to meet, and we hope her the best.