Case Study: Lebanon Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (October 2020)

Patient’s Age: 83-years-old
Admission Date: 09/04/2020
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: Pending Home
Length of Stay: One month and 23 days
Reason for Stay: Pneumonia as a result of COVID-19
How did patient hear about Lebanon Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Summit Medical Center

Details of Experience:
Miss. Audrey R. was admitted to our community on September 4th of 2020. This was after a sudden hospital stay due to COVID-19. The resident came to us from Summit Medical Center with an admitting diagnosis of pneumonia. Miss. R. arrived to Lebanon Center not aware of her surroundings or current condition. Her family trusted us to care for Miss. R. and to help her get better and build her strength with our therapy, nursing, and dietary departments.

Miss. R. stated, “I do not really remember what happened to me; however, during something so scary, I have not once been scared since coming to Lebanon Center.” She goes on to say, “although waking up in a strange place with people she has never met, due to being very sick and incoherent, the staff at Lebanon Center have kept her feeling safe and comfortable.” Miss. R. offered, “they told me I could have died, and even though I have my bad days the staff assures me I am doing well and remind me daily how far I have come.” She has received care from our nursing department along with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to help assist her in achieving the best quality of life. Miss. R. stated, “I do everything for my family. I love them so much.” After a Window of Hope Visit with her family, she was overjoyed and reminded of just how many people are rooting for her to make a full recovery.

At Summit Medical Center, Miss. R> was intubated…she was total care. She was unable to do anything for herself, including, raising her arms, eating on her own, or lifting her head. After just a few weeks at Lebanon Center, she was able to stand with assistance, and walk 25 feet…walking to the restroom with assistance, and completing self-care, independently. She can now sit up, lift her head, raise her hands above her head, and feed herself. Miss. R. came into our community with no ability to recall information and now is able to do just that when questioned. She now keeps a journal to help with her memory. Miss. R. has come a long way, in a short time here at Lebanon Center, thanks to the therapy and nursing teams.

Although presently, she does not have a discharge date, we have nothing but high hopes for her continued recovery and progress. She will continue to receive therapy, while at Lebanon Center, until her goals are met.

We want to thank her family for trusting us to care for their loved one. Thank you from all of us here at Lebanon Center.