Case Study: Lebanon Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (January 2021)

Patient’s Age: 58-years-old
Admission Date: 03/29/2020
Discharge Date: 02/02/21
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 310 days
Reason for Stay: Brain injury
How did patient hear about Lebanon Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Her sister referred her

Details of Experience:
Ms. Taylor came to the community after experiencing a brain injury while visiting her son and grandchildren at Cracker-barrel in Cookeville, TN. Ms. Taylor stated,” that was the last thing I remember, I just kind of blacked out.” Ms. Taylor was then sent to Skyline, where they had to relieve pressure on her brain.

“I died twice, and they brought me back.” Although Ms. Taylor does not recall the entire ordeal she went through; she said it was very scary all the same. Ms. Taylor arrived very confused. She had lost hope in a full recovery, due to the setback she had endured. Ms. Taylor is also an amputee and has already overcome many other hurdles in her life. So, this set-back really challenged her mentally and physically.

Lebanon Center’s nursing and rehabilitation team stepped in at the moment she entered the community. They began to help her regain her basic functions while working on helping her regain strength to use her prosthesis, as well as ambulate herself for toileting. Ms. Taylor held tight to her religion and kept faith in her recovery and the team at Lebanon Center.

Over the past few months, Ms. Taylor has shown great strides to an amazing recovery.