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Celebrate the month of January with us here at Lebanon Center!

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Events are subject to change. Please contact our Therapeutic Recreation Department for more information on January events!

National Bird Day
National Bird Day flies by for a visit on January 5th. We have a lot of birdwatchers in our community. Today our employees will be awarded Carerite Tokens for “Filling Feeders”! Our residents are looking forward to a grand ole game of “Birdie Bingo” but are somewhat questioning the “Birdseed Snack Cart”! You never know what we will get into around here but one thing’s for certain… “Every-birdie is welcome to join in”! 

National Tea Day
National Tea Day is sure to warm everyone up on a cold winter day. On January 12th, we’ll be dragging out the hats and good china on this one. “Tea Party Bingo” will get every-one in the mood. How do you play tea party bingo? By holding out your pinky finger and yelling BINGO in your finest English voice of course! This sets us up for a grand “Tea Time Cart” for the afternoon. Everyone will be given their very own china teacup to keep! Tea and crumpets anyone? 


National Popcorn Day
National Popcorn Day is possibly one of our favorite days of the year! Popcorn Cart is a weekly favorite here at Lebanon Center. So we thought we’d pop it up a notch or two on January 19th! There will be a “Guess How Many Kernels” game throughout the day. That should keep them busy, right? But if that’s not enough we’ll be playing “Feely Corny Bingo” and hosting a “Gourmet Popcorn Bar” as well! Pop on by for some good food and fun! 


National Puzzle Day
National Jigsaw Puzzle Day is a fun day to celebrate just how unique we all really are. When you think about it, we are all like that jigsaw puzzle piece. We are all different but with a common goal in mind… complete a beautiful picture while still being ourselves but working together as a group. On January 29th, everyone in Lebanon Center will receive a random piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Everyone will be given the chance to see if their puzzle piece is indeed the one that completes the puzzle that will be set up! The owner of the lucky piece will receive a great puzzle prize package of their own! 

As we practice proper social distancing protocols in our community, we are proud to feature modified programming to continue providing vibrancy for our residents and employees. All events are subject to change. Please feel free to follow us on our Facebook page for continued updates as well as reaching out to us via Messenger.